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In the heart of the city with a spectacular view and a down to earth attitude, urban art joins gourmet cuisine in the middle of the vibrant gallery neighborhood of Potsdamerstraße. What might not fit at first glance, opens up completely new perspectives and creates a multidimensional sensual experience. Each artist received a dedicated space to and absolute freedom in creating his piece of art. The result is a unique interaction between the clean, elegant interior of GOLVET, the breathtaking views of the city and the truly diverse styles of each street art artists, which mostly can only be found in urban spaces. Drawn from the traditional salon culture, which was vivid at the beginning of the 19th century around Potsdamerstraße, GOLVET has created a space in which art, culinary and culture form a creative unity.



Our THE HAUS Artist:
MASHA, deerBLN, Felix Rodewaldt, Notes of Berlin, Die Dixons, GOGOPLATA, Case Maclaim, One Truth


Masha was born at the beginning of the 90s in the Russian enclave Kaliningrad and currently lives in Berlin. She discovered her intuitive talent and has developed a recognizable style. Again and again her work pulls the viewer into new images and spheres. Her works are created spontaneously, without sketches or drawings, directly on the wall and allow for a look into the emotional world of the young Russian. She isn´t aiming for perfection, but invites the viewer to go on a soul journey, where one might feel lost at the beginning but with a closer look finds one´s way. The work that Masha created at GOLVET, mirrors her own reality, her surroundings, impressions and events, that happened to her during the creation of her piece. This way no painting looks the same, just like people are constantly changing, her art is subdued to continuous changes.




Christian Rothenhagen (aka deerBLN) is a fine artist and graphic designer. He lives and works in Berlin in the deerBLNstudio and has had various publications and artist features in different books and magazines, both national and international. He is known for his conceptual and architecture-focused drawings and installations, his personal view of a city and its transformation, creating a pause for the viewer. His art is mostly presented in galleries but also can be found slightly hidden in urban areas. In the last two decades his work was part of solo as well as group exhibitions in Europe, USA, Canada, Lebanon and Japan. The project at GOLVET was a perfect fit for Christian, since the area around GOLVET is part of a interesting and permanent state of change. The culture-clash between Potsdamer Platz, the Neue Nationalgalerie, Kulturforum… from Pink Floyd, The Wall to the architectonic contradicting finance center in the city west… to the fast changing face of Potsdamerstraße – from the forgotten Berlin of the 80ties to the center of art and galleries. In every aspect an exciting, pulsating neighborhood. And this can all be seen from GOLVET. That fits my work – time captured.

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Felix Rodewaldt

Felix Rodewaldt

Felix Rodewaldt graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Munich. He started working with stencils, templates, to spray graffiti´s and then found his own fascinating way of pursuing tape art. During his time as a student he developed into one of the most influential tape artists in Germany. Felix always plays with geometry within the room and with his work creates a play of architecture and the feeling of the room. Inside GOLVET Felix created two intertwine anamorphosis, that show circles from one certain point and from another form a zig-zag pattern. He drew the inspiration for this work from a series by Sol Lewitt and the anamorphosis by Felici Varini. Both artists influence and inspire Felix creations.

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Felix Rodewaldt

Born in Munich, Joab Nist is the founder of the successful blog Notes of Berlin. Besides his work online, he publishes humoristic non-fiction books like “Wellensittich entflogen – Farbe egal”, “Wir duschen am liebsten nackt” or “Heute geschlossen wegen gestern”. He studied cultural science as well as culture and media management at European University Viadrina and at Freie Universität Berlin. Joab lives in Berlin and works as a content creator and urban concepter. The award-winning Berlin blog Notes of Berlin is an homage to all the notes that Berlin leaves daily all over the city. Notes of Berlin has reached cult status and is, with 1 million page views per month, one of the most read blogs in Germany. Since 2010 Joab Nist documents the vivid “Zettelwirtschaft” of Berlin and posts daily a selection of the funniest finds – no matter if it´s an angry neighborhood complaint, romantic love letters or bizarre lost & found notes, the residents use their city to communicate. Daily culture in its purest form. Until now over 25.000 finds have been committed, a best-of is now on show at GOLVET.

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The Berlin based street art gang knows how to draw attention to messages. They have started painting murals with huge portraits and brought it to its best, with one after another fresh mural they embellish the city. Driven by their passion and perfectionism, they surpass themselves with every new piece. Besides photorealistic themes and detailed portrayals, they also create stunning illustrations. If they are not spraying in Berlin, they tour through the world to create murals with other artists. With their piece in GOLVET they tried something unexpected – instead of working with the spray can, foils are in the center of their work. When standing at the window front in the eight floor of the restaurant, the colorful squares accentuate or hide the view and what lies beneath on the streets.



Jens Tümmel a.k.a GogoPlata was born in Rüdersdorf and grew up in Berlin. As an adolescent, he started out “graffiti writing” and developed his creations into animated cartoons, illustrations, portraits, sculptures and murals. Since 2007, he has been participating in national and international exhibitions and projects.
His chef sculpture at GOLVET has all the hallmarks of an authentic GogoPlata: wit, charm and not taking himself too seriously. He has thereby interpreted the heart of GOLVET – the chefs in the kitchen – in a charming, comic-like way and gifted us with a new team member

gogoplata.de  |  Blog


Case a.k.a Andreas von Chrzanowski has been a pioneer of photo realism for over two decades now. “Power” and “movement” are important cornerstones of his German roots and also provide the inspiration for expressing his important themes of unity and power through folded hands. His work at GOLVET is inspired by William Bouguereau’s painting “The Birth of Venus”. With their luxurious, erotic aura, the depicted hands with interlinked fingers place the viewer under their spell and play with the metaphor of birth – like GOLVET itself, Case’s work is the beginning of something elegant and completely new.

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One Truth is an artist duo made up of the brothers Dr.Drax and Pase. They discovered their passion for graffiti in 1998 and started working auto didactically in the underground. They are internationally renowned, part of Swiss graffiti culture and have worked with legends like Cope2 and Bates. One Truth graffiti was founded in 2003 and the two artists have helped to shape street art for years, including in the cityscape of Zurich. Their work can be found in many public places like the World Fair (Expo) Milan, the “Eidgenössische Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten” Bern, the Olympic games of 2012 (London), Google headquarters in Zurich, the FIFA museum and many more. Besides that, their work is part of several international collections like “Galerie Vertes Modern” (Bahnhofstraße Zurich) and their work is sold through “Galartis Auction Hause” Lausanne.
The One Truth brothers have designed the bathrooms at GOLVET. They name their work “Streets of Berlin” because the rooms are reflecting the streets of Berlin and the charm that is spread with their urban street art.
“We wanted to capture the city´s flavor inside the rooms. In addition, the context of noble GOLVET teaming with Street Art was interesting for us.
A lot came up intuitively, out of the moment and without an hour-long concept. We simply went with the flow, that’s us and that´s Berlin.

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